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Danny Grimshaw – 07583 497 649
Lisa Park - 07804 794 565

Market Square, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire. OL6 6BU.

Near the entrance to The Arcades Shopping Centre. Please ask a member of the team for your stall location and zone.

Zone 1 – From 6.30am with vehicles off site by 8.15am
Zone 2 – From 8.15am with vehicles off site by 9am
If a trader from zone 2 would like a trading position in zone 1, please see a member of staff by 8am. Please note: vehicles must be kept off site until a trading position in zone 1 has been offered.

Please see Danny or Lisa prior to the event as to which zone you are in.


We do have a number of tables but these are limited, therefore we recommend you use your own tables where possible.

Gazebos are provided where needed. If you have your own, please feel free to use this. Pitches are £20 with a gazebo supplied or £15 if you use your own gazebo.

Please come and see a member of the market team and they will show you to your space.

For those who don’t know the area well. It is best to access the market square on Old Street near Lloyds Bank. Drive onto the paved area and turn left towards McDonlads and enter the market ground at this point. If you are in zone 2 and have arrived before 8.15 please do not drive onto the market square until authorised to do so. 

Parking is quite easy on a Sunday. There are plenty of local Council run car parks that are £1 for all day parking. Please visit the website for a parking map 

If you haven't already done so, please send us a copy of your insurance certificate & food hygiene certificate to 

Please let us know prior to the event if power is needed for your stall.

Health & Safety around your stall is the responsibility of the trader at all times.

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